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The Ultimate Ragdoll Games Collection: Physics, Fun, and More

Ragdoll Game: What Is It and Why Is It Fun?

A ragdoll game is a type of video game that uses ragdoll physics to simulate the movement and behavior of characters. Ragdoll physics is a technique that treats each character as a collection of rigid bodies connected by joints, which can be influenced by forces such as gravity, collisions, and user input. When a character dies or gets hit, their body becomes limp and falls to the ground in a realistic or exaggerated way, depending on the game's settings.

ragdoll game

Ragdoll games are popular among gamers who enjoy the humor and unpredictability of seeing characters flop around and crash into things. Ragdoll games can also be challenging and rewarding, as they require the player to control their character's movement and balance using physics-based mechanics. Some ragdoll games also allow the player to create their own levels and scenarios using various objects and tools.

In this article, we will explore some of the best ragdoll games available online, as well as how to make your own ragdoll game using Unity, a popular game engine. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about ragdoll games and ragdoll physics.

Best Ragdoll Games Online

There are many ragdoll games that you can play online for free or for a small fee. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Basket Random

This is a funny and chaotic ragdoll basketball game that you can play with a friend or against the computer. The goal is to score more baskets than your opponent in a randomly generated court with different obstacles and effects. You can control your character's movement and jump using the arrow keys or the mouse. The game features colorful graphics, hilarious sound effects, and ragdoll physics that make every match unpredictable and fun.

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You can play Basket Random for free on CrazyGames.


This is an action-packed ragdoll game that lets you swing like Spider-Man through a city full of enemies and dangers. You can use your web to attach to buildings, cars, helicopters, and even rockets, and use your momentum to fly through the air. You can also use your web to grab enemies and objects and throw them around. The game has various missions and challenges that test your skills and reflexes.

You can play SpiderDoll for free on CrazyGames.

Fun with Ragdolls: The Game

This is a sandbox game that gives you the freedom to create your own ragdoll worlds and scenarios. You can choose from a collection of cannons, black holes, giant fans, ragdolls, mines, lasers, cars, jump pads, telepads, glass, destructible pillars, buttons, guns, rockets, fireworks, balloons, gravity changers and more. You can also play various modes such as Explorer Mode, where you can explore other players' creations; Sandbox Mode, where you can build your own levels; Arena Mode, where you can fight against waves of ragdolls; Ragdoll AI Mode where you can control a ragdoll and interact with other ragdolls; and Sandbox Multiplayer Mode, where you can play with your friends online.

You can buy Fun with Ragdolls: The Game on Steam for $14.99.

Happy Wheels

This is a classic ragdoll game that combines racing, platforming, and gore. You can choose from a variety of characters and vehicles, such as a wheelchair, a bike, a segway, or a pogo stick, and try to reach the end of each level without dying. The game has many obstacles and traps that can cause your character to lose limbs, bleed, or explode. The game also has a level editor that allows you to create your own levels and share them with other players.

You can play Happy Wheels for free on Totaljerkface.

How to Make Your Own Ragdoll Game Using Unity

If you want to make your own ragdoll game, you will need a game engine that supports ragdoll physics. One of the most popular and powerful game engines is Unity, which is free for personal use and has many features and tools that can help you create your own ragdoll game.

Here are the basic steps to make your own ragdoll game using Unity:

Step 1: Download and Install Unity

You can download Unity from its official website and follow the instructions to install it on your computer. You will also need to create a free Unity account to access the Unity Hub, which is the central place to manage your projects, assets, and settings.

Step 2: Create a New Project

Once you have installed Unity and opened the Unity Hub, you can create a new project by clicking on the "New" button. You can choose a template for your project, such as 2D, 3D, or Universal Render Pipeline. You can also name your project, choose a location to save it, and select the version of Unity you want to use.

Step 3: Import Assets

Assets are the resources that you use in your game, such as models, textures, sounds, scripts, animations, and more. You can import assets from various sources, such as your own files, the Unity Asset Store, or other online platforms. To import assets, you can drag and drop them into the Project window in Unity, or use the "Import" option in the Assets menu.

Step 4: Create Scenes

Scenes are the levels or stages of your game, where you place and arrange your assets. You can create scenes by using the "Create" option in the File menu, or by clicking on the "Add Open Scenes" button in the Hierarchy window. You can switch between scenes by using the tabs at the top of the Scene view.

Step 5: Add Ragdoll Physics

To add ragdoll physics to your characters, you will need to add rigidbody components and character joints to their body parts. A rigidbody component allows an object to be affected by physics forces, such as gravity and collisions. A character joint component allows an object to be connected to another object by a hinge, a spring, or a fixed joint.

You can add these components by selecting an object in the Hierarchy window or the Scene view, and clicking on the "Add Component" button in the Inspector window. You can then adjust the properties of these components, such as mass, drag, angular drag, connected body, anchor point, axis direction, limit angle, spring force, damper force, and more. You can also use the Ragdoll Wizard tool in the GameObject menu to automatically create a ragdoll for your character.

Step 6: Add Gameplay Logic

To add gameplay logic to your game, such as user input, score, health, enemies, objectives, and more, you will need to use scripts. Scripts are pieces of code that define the behavior and interaction of your game objects. You can write scripts using C#, which is the main programming language supported by Unity. You can also use visual scripting tools, such as Bolt or PlayMaker, which allow you to create logic using nodes and graphs.

You can add scripts to your game objects by selecting them in the Hierarchy window or the Scene view, and clicking on the "Add Component" button in the Inspector window. You can then choose a script from the list of existing scripts, or create a new script by clicking on the "New Script" option. You can edit your scripts by using the Script Editor window, which opens when you double-click on a script in the Project window.

Step 7: Test and Debug Your Game

To test and debug your game, you can use the Play Mode in Unity, which allows you to run your game in the Editor and see how it works. You can enter and exit Play Mode by clicking on the Play button at the top of the Editor window. You can also pause and step through your game by using the Pause and Step buttons next to the Play button.

To debug your game, you can use the Console window, which shows any errors or warnings that occur in your game. You can also use breakpoints, watches, and inspectors to examine the state and values of your variables and objects. You can access these tools by using the Debug menu or the Debug window.

Step 8: Build and Publish Your Game

To build and publish your game, you will need to choose a platform and a format for your game. Unity supports various platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, WebGL, and more. You can choose a platform by using the Build Settings window, which you can open by using the "Build Settings" option in the File menu. You can also choose a format for your game, such as an executable file, an installer file, or a web page.

To build your game, you can cl


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