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Ong Bak 3: A Review of the Thai Martial Arts Movie

Ong Bak 3 is the third and final installment of the Ong Bak trilogy, a series of Thai martial arts movies starring Tony Jaa as Tien, a warrior who fights against the evil warlord Rajasena and his army of assassins. The movie was released in 2010 and directed by Tony Jaa and Panna Rittikrai, who also co-wrote the screenplay and choreographed the action scenes.

The movie picks up where Ong Bak 2 left off, with Tien being captured and tortured by Rajasena's men. He is rescued by the villagers of Kana Khone, who nurse him back to health and teach him meditation and karma. Tien also learns a new fighting style called Nathayut, which combines Muay Thai, Tai Chi, and dance. Meanwhile, his arch-rival Bhuti Sangkha (played by Dan Chupong), who is revealed to be Rajasena's son and a reincarnated evil warlord, returns to challenge Tien for a final duel.

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Ong Bak 3 is a movie that showcases Tony Jaa's incredible skills and athleticism as a martial artist and stunt performer. The movie features many impressive fight scenes, such as Tien's escape from Rajasena's palace, his training montage with the Kana Khone villagers, and his climactic showdown with Bhuti Sangkha. The movie also incorporates elements of Thai culture, history, and mythology, such as the use of elephants, weapons, costumes, and music.

However, Ong Bak 3 is not without its flaws. The movie suffers from a weak plot, poor editing, and inconsistent tone. The movie tries to balance between being a realistic historical drama and a fantastical action adventure, but fails to do either convincingly. The movie also has many scenes that are either confusing, unnecessary, or repetitive, such as Tien's visions of his past lives, his romance with Pim (played by Primorata Dejudom), and his multiple encounters with Bhuti Sangkha. The movie also ends on a vague note, leaving many questions unanswered.

Ong Bak 3 is a movie that will appeal to fans of Tony Jaa and martial arts movies in general. It is a movie that showcases some amazing stunts and fight choreography, but also suffers from a lack of story and direction. It is a movie that can be enjoyed for its action sequences, but not for its narrative or characters.

If you are interested in watching Ong Bak 3, you can find it online on various streaming platforms. You can also download it as an mp4 file from [this link]. You can also watch the trailer of the movie [here] or [here].


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