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Catechism Of The Catholic Church Malayalam Pdf Free PORTABLE Download

The word catechism has it roots in the Greek word katechizo meaning to teach by word of mouth. Prior to the invention of the printing press the primary method of communication was oral. It would have been impossible for the average person to have a copy of the Bible or Church documents. An early church catechist would speak a teaching of the Church and instruct the listener to repeat it until it was learned by heart.

catechism of the catholic church malayalam pdf free download

The Vatican website makes the Catechism of the Catholic Church available to read for free. You can also download the Catechism for your Kindle. It is easy to find hard copies of the Catechism, too, if you prefer to read a traditional book. Just as the Church wants to make the Bible available to every Catholic, so also it wants to make the Catechism available to all.

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