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However, equipment is a critical difference between how matcha is prepared vs espresso. Many coffee preparations have manual options (i.e., no actual machinery really involved, beyond a kettle and a good grinder), but espresso is unique. True espresso involves using steam to extract an intensely flavorful brew through finely ground coffee beans. In a cafe, this is the function of the espresso machine; at home, one might use a home espresso machine or a stovetop Moka pot.

One of the things I personally love about matcha is how playful this tea can be. Just as espresso transformed American coffee into a creative landscape of new flavor combinations, matcha also seamlessly blends into beverages. When it comes to beverages, anything that espresso can do, matcha can do, too! Check out some of these examples:

Enjoy Americanos? Coffee fans enjoy this espresso + water combo as a lighter alternative. You can make one with matcha, too. Simply add an additional 6-8oz of water to your double shot of matcha after whisking, and you now have a thinner drink, more like regular brewed tea.

Matcha latte, anyone? A matcha latte is made the exact same way as a traditional caffe latte. Just substitute the double shot of espresso for a double shot of matcha. The caramel-like texture of a smoothly blended matcha shot will combine beautifully with freshly steamed milk. Pro-tip: matcha goes really well with alternative milks, with oat milk being a fan favorite.

With the standard filters, it brews a really nice shot, when using fresh ground, fresh roasted coffee. As long as you fully preheat the grouphead, temperatures are spot on too and you can adjust them. In our Detailed Review, we will really dive more into espresso quality from the Bambino Plus.

A few years ago, a study conducted by Harvard University, the University of Athens and the Hellenic Health Foundation revealed that a short nap (approximately 20 minutes) could boost productivity by up to 30%. Other health-positive effects were simultaneously discovered, such as a 40% reduced risk of death from cardiovascular diseases. A group of British researchers went even a step further in their study about counteracting driver sleepiness. The researchers looked at the effects of napping, caffeine intake and placebos for combating the tiredness and sleepiness truck drivers experienced in the afternoon. They concluded that a short nap combined with caffeine intake produced positive effects. Their study included a variety of testing conditions and groups. One group took naps, a second group drank coffee or espresso during their break to stay alert while driving. The third group, which had combined a short nap with drinking coffee, turned out to have much higher productivity than the other two test groups.

I am not going to lie, I have been wanting to get my hands on a La Spaziale espresso machine for quite some time. Years ago when I was wanting to transition from a beginner machine to a prosumer machine I had always been drawn to the classic shiny E61 machines. Something about them just holds a place in my heart. The La Spaziale is quite a bit different though, I was completely drawn to it by its design and capabilities. Its like a miniature 1 group commercial machine and draws its own appealing yet completely different sophistication, which could easily fit itself into a cafe or a home. Italians are known for their sophistocated designs, but I hope this machine functions as well as it looks!

First impressions unboxing. A cocky looking yet possibly more subtle looking machine compared to an entirely polished machine. Combining polished metal with a black body really looks sharp. Honestly it is kind of nice for a change, and definitely does not look like a less expensive big box machine. Most of us that are into espresso want a nice statement piece in our kitchen. I think for most people, this checks the box as a statement piece!

Notice how both spouts are at an angle. They came this way from the factory. If you would like to purchase some La Spaziale portafilter wall racks, check out PortaKeeper. They make racks for a large variety of espresso machines and tampers!

There are 3 options for pulling shots. Single shot, double shot, and the middle button to manually run the pump without a timer. This button can also be used to purge the group head between shots. It took me a minute to figure out how to set the shot timer. Since it has a single and double shot pre timed function I wanted to figure out how to set the time. The way I did it was to go to my user settings and literally prepare a shot. Grind coffee, and put into the machine with a cup. Hit the double shot button in my case, and when the desired volume was reached I hit the button again. This stored the time.

I am not used to having a display with so much information on an espresso machine. The display acts as the PID controller displaying the boiler temperature, shot timer, clock, diagnostics, number of shots pulled, screen saver icons, etc. It took a second to figure out, but once you use a few times it is really easy to make changes.

The stock portafilter baskets are too small for my preference. They do no mark how many grams they are designed to hold, but the double I am accustomed to holds 18g of coffee. Looking at La Spaziale online for basket 645, it told me that it is designed for 14g. (the 646 single holds 7g) If I run over 16g of ground in the basket, the puck hits the group head screen and left an indention from the screw in the puck. I wish instead of providing a single and double spout portafilter that they would provide a double spout and bottomless portafilter. I also think they should provide at least an 18g basket as standard. All that said, running 16-17g shots, I was content with the final result of my shot and surprisingly did not tell much of a difference.

While I am talking about the portafilters, in my opinion you will without a doubt want a bottomless portafilter because the distance between the portafilter spouts and the cup is very short. I have seen a few complaints in the past about this, but I had not experience for myself yet. I have to slightly tip the cup to fit past the spout. If you are the type to weigh your shots putting a scale under the cup makes even less room. For my home setup I always run bottomless portafilter but just know when you order this machine you might as well throw a bottomless with a VST or IMS 18g basket in your order unless you are dead set on a spouted portafilter. Below the cup to the left doesn't quite clear without tipping, to the right it barely clears. With scale I could not fit either cup with the double spout.

I wanted to love this machine and had high hopes, hoping it wouldn't let me down. Bottom line I am LOVING this machine. Looks stylish and commercial yet its a descent size to have in the kitchen. A statement piece that is capable of producing a pro level shot. Looking inside the internals are very well made and high end materials. Crammed with value and a ton of high end features that makes me want to wake up and use this machine every day. La Spaziale has put a lot of thought into their machines, have I mentioned tons of value? This model being a double boiler for about $2100 USD is pretty sweet. If the black or red plastic side panels are not your thing, you can upgrade to wood side panels for an even more elegant machine. Overall I think this machine far surpasses my expectations and I would not hesitate to order if it fits in your budget. Check out Espresso Outlet, or talk with Joe Klob. La Spaziale Dream T

This easy espresso martini recipe and a bloody caesar are tied for the drinks I make this most as both have their necessary functions and both taste incredible. See here for the 6 best shot recipes for hosting as well!

I am glad you asked. You can also make this a shot! Essentially the Shaft shot is an espresso martini, except you just put it in a rocks glass, use a straw and suck it down as fast as you can. For the full recipe of the shaft here is the link to the 6 best shots ever.

Created as a way for the Blue Bottle workers to get a quick caffeine fix, the drink consists of two shots of espresso and a tiny bit of milk, just enough to cool down the espresso and render it into a palatable shot.

Cortado is the past participle of the Spanish verb cortar: to cut. In Cuba, it is often served in a special cortado glass with a metal wire base and a metal ring handle. This one is essentially the same drink as a Gibraltar, and if both are on the menu, the cortado might boast a longer espresso pull.

Espresso poured over a couple slices of lime is a Guillermo. It is sometimes served over ice and with a bit of milk to sweeten the pot. The double acidity of the lime and the coffee works pretty well.

The Maia S33 is a sleek and stylish espresso machine with a compact footprint, perfect for at-home use or in small cafés. Its polished jet black exterior features an intuitive three-button interface, giving it a modern and sophisticated look.

As a well-made modern espresso maker, the Maia S33 requires only minimal maintenance. When full, simply remove the detachable drip-tray and used-capsule drawer, washing and rinsing both to remove any leftover debris. Depending on the frequency of use, the water tank will need to be removed and rinsed before being refilled and fitted back to the machine.

If you order a coffee, or caffè, in Italy, you can expect to receive a single shot of espresso. An espresso is consumed quickly, often standing up in an espresso bar or on the go, and can be drunk throughout the day. A shot of espresso is also a common way to end a meal in Italy to help with digestion.

If you need an extra boost of caffeine to get you going, order a caffe doppio for a double espresso shot. Or, if you find espresso too intense, try a caffe macchiato, which comes with a small dash of milk. Really want to indulge? Try a gelato-based affogato.

While you can find every type of milky coffee in Italy, cappuccino is definitely the most popular. A cappuccino is a single espresso shot served with hot milk and topped with foamed milk and a dash of cocoa powder. 041b061a72


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