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Eboot Fix 3.55 God Of War Collection Volume 23l

Eboot Fix 3.55 God Of War Collection Volume 23l: How to Play PS3 Games on Lower Firmware

If you are a PS3 gamer who wants to play God Of War Collection Volume 23l on your console, but you have a lower firmware than 3.56, you might be wondering if there is a way to do it. The answer is yes, thanks to a tool called Eboot Fix 3.55.

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Eboot Fix 3.55 is a program that allows you to modify the EBOOT.BIN file of a PS3 game that requires a higher firmware to run on a lower firmware, such as 3.55 or 3.41 CFW. This way, you can bypass the firmware check and enjoy your game without updating your console.

In this article, we will show you how to use Eboot Fix 3.55 to play God Of War Collection Volume 23l on your PS3 with lower firmware.

What is God Of War Collection Volume 23l?

God Of War Collection Volume 23l is a compilation of two PlayStation 2 games, God Of War and God Of War II, remastered in high definition for the PlayStation 3. The collection was released in November 2009 and features enhanced graphics, trophies support, and 3D compatibility.

God Of War is an action-adventure game that follows the story of Kratos, a Spartan warrior who serves the Olympian gods. He seeks revenge against Ares, the god of war, who tricked him into killing his own family. Along the way, he encounters various mythological creatures and characters, such as Medusa, Hydra, and Pandora's Box.

God Of War II is the sequel to God Of War and continues the story of Kratos after he becomes the new god of war. However, he is betrayed by Zeus, the king of the gods, who strips him of his godhood and kills him. Kratos is rescued by Gaia, the mother of the Titans, who offers him a chance to change his fate and overthrow Zeus. Kratos then embarks on a journey through ancient Greece and beyond, facing new enemies and allies, such as Theseus, Icarus, and the Sisters of Fate.

What is Eboot Fix 3.55?

Eboot Fix 3.55 is a tool for Windows that can automatically generate playable backups for lower firmware versions and also generate individual EBOOT.BIN and .sprx/.self files, which are the executable files for PS3 games. Eboot Fix can decrypt and sign these files to make them compatible with lower firmware versions, such as 3.55 CFW.

How to Use Eboot Fix 3.55?

To use Eboot Fix 3.55, you will need the following:

  • A PS3 with CFW 3.55 or lower

  • A backup of a game that will not run on 3.55, such as God Of War Collection Volume 23l

  • The Eboot Fix tool, which you can download from [here]

  • A USB drive or an external hard drive formatted to FAT32

Once you have everything ready, follow these steps:

  • Extract the Eboot Fix tool to a folder on your PC.

  • Drag and drop the PS3 game folder to ebootFIX.exe. For example, drag and drop X:\\GAMES\\MY_GAME\\PS3_GAME or X:\\GAMES\\MY_GAME\\PS3_GAME\\USRDIR or X:\\GAMES\\MY_GAME to ebootFIX.exe.

  • Eboot Fix will process the game folder and produce two output folders: [NPDRM] and [RETAIL].

  • The [NPDRM] folder contains content ready to be installed as PSN-style XMB game. You will find two PKG files in the folder. Copy these files to the root of your USB drive or external hard drive.

  • The [RETAIL] folder contains all files that you can replace in your original backup copy to play the game via a Game Manager, such as multiMAN or GAIA manager. Copy these files to the corresponding folders in your backup copy.

  • Connect your USB drive or external hard drive to your PS3.

  • If you want to play the game as a PSN-style XMB game, install the two PKG files from the [NPDRM] folder using the Install Package Files option in the XMB.

  • If you want to play the game via a Game Manager, launch the Game Manager of your choice and select the game from the list.

  • Enjoy playing God Of War Collection Volume 23l on your CFW 3.55 PS3!


If you encounter any problems while using Eboot Fix 3.55, here are some possible solutions:

  • Make sure you have modified the game's PARAM.SFO file so that it reads 3.55. You can do this with PARAM editor or use multiMAN backup manager and it will do it automatically for you.

  • Make sure you have copied all the files from the [RETAIL] folder to the correct folders in your backup copy.

Note: This method will not work for games that require firmware 3.60 or higher, such as Portal 2. You will need the 3.60 keys and they have not been released yet.

We hope this article was helpful for you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.


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