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Drag Movie Shequels

In "Drag Movie Shequels" the queens will all be seen acting in drag sequels of RuPaul's favourite movies, titled "Showsquirrels," "Velma & Weezy" and "Wha'Ha' Happened to Baby JJ?" The queens will pair up for this challenge, with Phi Phi and Roxxxy playing Mama and Lil' Versayce, Detox and Katya playing zombie versions of two Thelma and Louise, and Alaska and Alyssa playing Baby JJ and her sister respectively.

Drag Movie Shequels

The queens enter the workroom and Detox reveals she would have eliminated Katya from the competition, had she won the lip-sync. For the main challenge, the queens will pair up and act in a parody movie sequel from one of RuPaul's favorite movies. Alaska and Alyssa Edwards act in Wha' Ha' Happened To Baby JJ. Detox and Katya act in Velma and Weezy. Phi Phi O'Hara and Roxxxy Andrews act in Showsquirrels.

The eliminated queens, Coco Montrese, Tatianna, Ginger Minj and Alyssa Edwards then enter the workroom. RuPaul then says that they will have a chance to return to the competition. For the main challenge, the eliminated queens will be paired up with a remaining queen and they will perform a live stand-up comedy act in front of the judges and an audience of drag queens. Alyssa chooses Alaska, Ginger chooses Katya, Tatianna chooses Detox, and Coco chooses Phi Phi. Roxxxy is alone, and will be the narrator.

For this week's mini-challenge, the queens will participate in a beastly golf challenge. Alaska wins the mini-challenge. For the main challenge, the queens will market and design drag-influenced products.

On stage, the queens walk the runway in their best drag. Roxxxy Andrews is eliminated from the competition. Alaska, Detox and Katya then lip-sync to "If I Were Your Woman" by Gladys Knight & the Pips. Alaska is revealed to be the winner, leaving Detox and Katya as the runners-up. 041b061a72


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