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Download Peggle Nights PC Game 2008 High Quality

Peggle is a casual puzzle video game developed by PopCap Games. Initially released for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X systems in 2007, it has since had versions released for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, the Nintendo DS (with the help of Q Entertainment), Windows Mobile, iOS, Zeebo, and Android; the game has also been ported as a Java application, and an extended minigame incorporated into the massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft. A sequel was released in September 2008, titled Peggle Nights. PopCap, a subsidiary of Electronic Arts, announced Peggle 2 at E3 2013.

Download Peggle Nights PC Game 2008

Peggle Extreme was packaged with the Windows version of The Orange Box, featuring levels inspired by Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal. It includes ten levels with one Peggle Master and five Challenges.[9] Peggle Extreme was eventually made free to download for anyone with a Steam account.[9] The game was developed in conjunction with Valve after PopCap's Teams learned that Peggle was played often at Valve's offices and that the company had helped to promote the game on Steam. PopCap proposed a version that would pay tribute to Valve's games, which Valve readily warmed up to, helping PopCap with its development, including providing graphical assets and artwork.[5]

PopCap released a sequel to the original game, Peggle Nights, in September 2008 for Windows. The sequel expands upon Peggle by adding one new Peggle Master, adding new levels and challenges.[16] The Xbox Live and PlayStation Network versions of Peggle received Nights as a downloadable expansion to the game on November 19, 2009.[11][17] Peggle Nights was made available as an in-app purchase for iOS devices.[18][19] Peggle: Dual Shot is a Nintendo DS port of the game, developed by Q Entertainment; the game includes content from both Peggle and Peggle Nights.[20] This version of the game awards the player a star each time a purple bonus peg is hit, activating a new bonus minigame upon collecting five stars. The minigame requires that the player continually bounce a ball with pinball-like bumpers to collect diamonds and extra balls. In 2013, PopCap Games announced Peggle 2 at the E3 2013 expo. A year later, Peggle Blast was announced for mobile devices.

The game did not initially perform well in sales when released for Windows, but according to Sidhu, sales of the game took off following the release of Peggle Extreme as part of The Orange Box; Sidhu stated that the special version of the game helped to bring in video game players that would "never be caught dead playing a game with unicorns and rainbows".[5] Peggle (both trial and full versions) has been downloaded more than 50 million times from the Internet as of early 2009. Although, PopCap has not released how many of these downloads were for full sales.[28][29]

Peggle Nights is a casual puzzle videogame developed by PopCap Games, and the second installment of the Peggle franchise. It was released worldwide September 16, 2008, for PC, and was later ported to Mac, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Peggle Nights Download Free Full Game is a Windows, Mac OS X and Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade downloadable game from PopCap Games. It is the sequel to 2007's Peggle. It is also unlockable in Peggle: Dual Shot for the Nintendo DS. However, in Peggle Dual Shot, Marina is not unlockable. The gameplay between the two games has remained largely unchanged, with each featuring a colorful 2D background filled with different colored pegs. The objective in each level is to clear all of the orange pegs by hitting them with a ball shot from the top of the screen. New to this version are 60 new levels, 60 additional challenges, the introduction of the new Peggle Master Marina the Electric Squid, and the addition of an Aced score for each level. As of January 2010, three expansions have been released: a holiday theme, a spring theme and a pack with fan-art-based levels. Both come with extra adventure levels and challenges.

Infobox VG title= caption= developer= PopCap Games publisher= PopCap Games distributor= Various designer= series= Peggle engine= PopCap Games Framework version= released= vgreleaseNA=September 16, 2008 genre= Puzzle modes= Single-player / Multiplayer ratings= vgratingsESRB=Everyone platforms= Windows media= Download requirements= OS: Win 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista. Memory: 256 MB RAM. DirectX: 7.0. Processor: Pentium III, 700 MHz or faster. Internet:Internet connection is required to register both the download and CD-ROM versions of the game input= Keyboard, Mouse, Peggle Nights is a Windows downloadable game from PopCap Games. It is the sequel to 2007's Peggle. [cite press release title=PopCap Launches Peggle Nights for PC url= =2008-09-16 publisher=PopCap Games date=2008-09-16 accessdate=2008-09-21] The gameplay between the two games has remained largely unchanged, with each features a colorful 2D background filled with different colored "pegs". The objective in each level is to clear all of the orange pegs by hitting them with a ball shot from the top of the screen. New to this version is 60 new levels, 60 additional challenges, the introduction of the new Peggle Master Marina, and the addition of an "Aced" score for each level.Game modes*Adventure - The objective of the game is to complete each of the 60 stages by removing all orange pegs on each stage.*Quick Play - Players can free select any of the 60 stages that they have completed in Adventure Mode.*Duel - Players compete head to head against a computer or human opponent.*Challenge - There are 60 challenges with a variety of difficulty levels. These challenges range from very easy to very difficult.Game charactersPeggle Nights offers 11 different playable characters each with their own special power-up that one can use by hitting green-colored pegs. The original 10 masters from Peggle have returned with 5 new levels each. Marina, the electric squid, and her Electrobolt ability appears for the first time.*Bjorn - Powerup: Super Guide - Creates a guide showing part of the shot's trajectory. **Bjorn appears as a superhero in his levels.*Jimmy Lightning - Powerup: Multiball - Spawns another ball when activated. **Jimmy's levels feature him as an intelligent chemist.*Renfield - Powerup: Spooky Ball - When activated, the ball appears again at the top of the screen after falling through the bottom. **Renfield's levels are famous paintings turned into Peggle levels.*Kat Tut - Powerup: Pyramid - Widens the free ball bucket by attaching a primitive pyramid around it.**Kat appears as a Circus Performer.*Splork - Powerup: Space Blast - Lights up all pegs in a certain radius.**Splork's levels are based on Bowling.*Claude - Powerup: Flippers - Causes lobster claw shaped pinball flipper to appear on either side of the screen;the player can "click" to remit the ball away from the bottom of the screen.**Claude appears as a Giant in his levels.*Tula - Powerup: Flower Power - Lights up 1/5 of the orange pegs remaining in the stage.**Tula appears as a traveler in her level.*Lord Cinderbottom - Powerup: Fireball - Replaces the ball with a fireball that can go through and eliminate all pegs in its path.**Lord Cinderbottom is portrayed as a firefighter in his levels.*Warren - Powerup: Lucky Spin - Randomly activates either Triple Score, Magic Hat (attaches a hat to the top of the ball, which can also light up pegs), or a random powerup from the other characters.**Warren appears as an explorer, in reference to Indiana Jones. At one point, the game also references another PopCap game, Zuma.*Master Hu - Powerup: Zen Ball - Tweaks one shot (up to 500%) to optimize scoring.**In his levels, Master Hu appears as a rock star.*Marina - Powerup: Electrobolt - Eliminates all pegs between the first-hit peg and the bucket.**In Marina's levels, she arrives at the Peggle University and gets her Diploma to certify her as a Peggle Master.GameplayGameplay for Peggle Nights has remained virtually unchanged since the original game.Bonus Levels There are Bonus Levels which you can download but not yet available.ReferencesExternal links* [ -nights/ Peggle Nights] Wikimedia Foundation. 2010. 041b061a72


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